Cash Register Equipment

Atlantic Legend performs deliveries of the cash register equipment to the end users.
The range of the equipment supplied includes the following types:

  • Autonomous Cash Register Machine (CRM) - a cash register machine operating without being connected to other equipment, but you can extend the functionality by adding additional input and output devices.
  • Autonomous Cash Register Machines also include portable devices operating without connection to the power lines.
  • Passive system-internal CRM - a device operating when connected to the system, but unable to manage the constituent elements of the system, though having the ability to function as an autonomous CRM.
  • Active system-internal CRM - a machine running as a part of computerized cash register system, and having the ability to control the system operations. This type of equipment also includes POS-terminal - CRM with fiscal record and input-output, storage, processing and display of the information features. Active CRM can operate as a passive or autonomous CRM.
  • Fiscal recorder - is an active or passive CRM, capable of operating only as a part of computerized cash register system.

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