POS Peripherals

In addition to the sales of complete POS systems we supply modules required for correct operation of checkout units.

POS computers

Atlantic Legend offers POS computers optimized specifically for POS systems: reliable, performant, equipped with a set of all necessary interfaces.

Fiscal Data Recorders

Atlantic Legend offers you among other commercial equipment the fiscal data recorders.

Fiscal data recorder is a Cash Register Machine, which operates only as a part of a system, receiving data over a wired or wireless communication link from an external source.

Matrix recorders, slow and noisy, almost went out of use. We invite you to thermal printing recorders.

Fiscal recorder keeps records of goods sold, draws up reports at the request of the operator, prints checks and information from the text files. Being connected to the system the recorder is accessible from any computer system and compatible to work with popular accounting software.

Cash boxes
We offer you a wide range of cash drawers.

The diversity of size, tray capacity, body material allows you to pick up the cash drawer to your needs. The boxes are compatible to a wide range of CRMs. To be opened by key or by command from CRM.

POS keyboard
We offer you a wide range of POS keyboards.

Keyboards differ in the number, function and programmability of the keys, as well as in the ability to work with plug-in card readers.

Customer Displays

Customer displays: for any checkout units, modern, ergonomic, with bright and well readable screens.


The range of monitors offered by Atlantic Legend will satisfy any of your requests. The size, design, price - all at your choice.

Magnetic Card Readers

Bi-directional reading capability, compact size, ease of connecting and setup – all this is about magnetic card readers, offered to you by our company.

You can complete your office with the necessary equipment, upgrade or replace defective modules of the system.

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